About the Bulletin Board

The Bulletin Board is where you can not only find things to buy and sell but we have categories that allow you to advertise events such as workshops, music recitals, plays and all things that make a community a great place to live.
The Bulletin Board may appear the same as Craig’s List or E-Bay, but by aligning with the New World Co-op, our members have added some features that help to create a kinder gentler community and world.
By encouraging members to subscribe with their Local Co-op, their subscription not only supports the administration of their Local Co-op website, but by trading with other members using barter dollars, everyone experiences the benefits of “living for others” in a very tangible and practical way.
For example, when you sell an item or a service at a discount using barter dollars. The buyer buys your item at your stated cash price plus he pays the discount amount in barter dollars. Since barter dollars are virtually free, the buyers’ only outlay is the cash price. This allows members to make most of their purchases at deep discount thereby saving their cash for transactions outside of the Co-op (taxes, postage, gas, etc.)
On the other hand, you as the seller, receive both the cash price plus the barter dollars and since you can then trade those barter dollars in a future transaction, you also benefit. You benefit in two ways;
  • first you feel good in yourself for having given the buyer a good deal
  • second you feel good that you were able to sell your item at its full price.
This is especially helpful in a garage sale situation.
Garage sales are notorious for making sellers feel bad when they have to part with an expensive  $1,000 dollar item for just $500 cash. But if the transaction is between two Co-op members, the buyer can still only pay $500 cash but he can also pay the seller $B500.00, which the seller can then use in the place of cash in a future purchase.
If you find a Connect Group in your local area, the members will readily share with you many other ways in which they have benefited through trading with barter dollars.

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